A glitching computer between two plants A distorted image of Lena Forsen

January 30, 2020
9:00AM — 5:00PM

Flowers by Bornay Melcior de Palau, 32-36
08028 Barcelona, Spain



Counter Surveillance Yoga led by Jennifer Lee & Katherine Ye
Mapping Data Stories led by Micah Epstein
C:/ run “Co-designing Algorithms_of_late_Capitalism.zine” led by Internet Teapot
Nothing to Scry Over: Classification as Divination led by Xiaowei Wang
Zine Lab: Examining the Cybernetics of Rac(e)(ism) led by Neta Bomani
Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality led by Lenka Hamosova & Pavol Rusnak
ATMAC - The Advanced Technology Makeshift Advisory Council led by Sabrina Haas
The Oracle for Transfeminist Technologies led by Clara Juliano
A Crack Inside the Museum - Problematizing the Computer Vision of Commercial AIs led by Lucas Nunes Sequeira & Rafael Tsuha
Our Relationship with AI: Exploring the Present + Dreaming Up Radical Futures led by Natalia Bilenko, Ria Kalluri, Rapha Gontijo Lopes, & Michelle Carney
Exposing Algorithmic Ecologies: Tools for Community Resistance led by Stop LAPD Spying Coalition & Free Radicals




CtrlZ.AI is a zine fair focused on technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It's a creative intervention for those who are critical of AI and what these new technologies have to offer us. While the discourse coming out of Silicon Valley breathlessly promotes the seemingly endless utility and potential of AI, most of the rest of us — especially those of us who are members of marginalized communities — view these technologies with skepticism and concern.

Ctrl + Z is the near-universal keyboard shortcut for "undo." The invocation of this keyboard command is meant to emphasize the idea of pause or reconsideration, rather than going backwards. CtrlZ.AI is a venue for expressing this sense of reflection on AI and other sociotechnical systems which impact us every day. We aim to be an inclusive platform for artists, technologists, researchers, activists, teachers, and students to showcase their zines and other DIY creations.

CtrlZ.AI will be held as an off-site event alongside the 2020 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT*), an interdisciplinary conference focused on understanding and mitigating the harms of data-driven algorithmic systems. The CtrlZ.AI workshops are part of the FAT* CRAFT sessions. CRAFT aims to take a more holistic approach to issues of fairness in sociotechnical systems. By pairing CtrlZ.AI with FAT*, we hope to bring the academic research community into conversation with artists, activists, and diverse communities affected by algorithmic systems.

CtrlZ.AI is free and open to the public. You do not need to be registered for the FAT* conference to attend this zine fair!

What’s a zine? Why zines?

Zines are self-published, self or independently-distributed, small-circulation magazines that offer an accessible, liberating, and community-oriented mode of creating and disseminating content. We chose zines and related DIY creations as the primary medium of communication at CtrlZ.AI due to their low barrier of entry — to both creation and readership — and because of the significance this publication model holds for many marginalized communities.


CtrlZ.AI is a joint project by Emily Denton and Alex Hanna.


CtrlZ.AI is financially supported by Google. Sponsorship helps ensure that we can have an event with limited barriers to participation by a broad sweep of attendees.


Calling all artists, technologists, researchers, activists, teachers, and students! Here's how you can participate in CtrlZ.AI:

Submit to the collected volume

Submit your work! We're collecting self-contained zines and creative fragments for a CtrlZ.AI collected volume, to be published after the zine fair. Even if you don't have a fully worked-out idea, we'd love to include it. We are accepting fragments on a rolling basis.



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